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We at Asli Rummy are completely dedicated with our efforts to ensure security, safety and privacy of the most stringent standards for all the transactions of the game participants. To ensure that this level of security is available at all levels, we have taken the measures given below:

  • 128-bit SSL encryption is used for all money based dealings.
  • The information that players provide is saved in a manner that is not accessible to outside entities.
  • All online rummy games are monitored strictly around the clock to make sure that no frauds are perpetrated.
  • There is constant monitoring to ensure that game players do not play in collusion with one another during as well as after the game.
  • When game participants reach out to us regarding any discrepancies, we make it a point to investigate their complaints in a speedy and thorough manner.
  • We view the security of all the activities on the site as something that needs to be done on a regular and continuous process with inputs and assessments from all parties.