Indian Rummy Variants

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Cash Games
Starting from ₹5

Pool Rummy:
This is a version or variant of rummy games that is very easy to comprehend and forms the basis of all Indian rummy games. Mastering the rules that guide this variant will enable you to play all the variants of rummy card games. You can play cash games with amounts starting at ₹ 5. The three choices for Pool rummy card games are: Pool Rummy Games:
  1. Pool rummy game with 101 points
  2. Pool rummy game with 201 points
  3. Pool rummy game with best of three games option
Points Rummy Game:
This dynamic version of I3 cards rummy online is great for those who are looking to play for a short time before getting out. Each round in the rummy game is complete once the value for points are settled. You can either choose to play on or leave the game. Aslirummy offers the following options for points rummy games:
  1. Points rummy played with jokers
  2. Points rummy played without jokers
Deals Rummy:
You play this version of Indian rummy card games with a particular number of deals. The completion of the deals that have been fixed signals the end of the game. At Asli Rummy, you can play two versions of the Deals Rummy card game:
  1. Best of 3
  2. Best of 2
Rummy Tournaments:
This is a multilevel and multi player Rummy card game that has three levels. An interesting and fast paced rummy variant, tournaments are very popular among players due to the pace of the game and the challenges it offers. On our site, you will find four options for Rummy Tournaments:
  1. Asli Tournament
  2. Premium Tourney