Points Rummy

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What does the points rummy game mean?

If you wanted to know which is the quickest version of rummy games online, then points rummy is the one that we can think of. Every game consists of one deal and the Points are settled based on the scores of each player. The game starts with the points having some point value that is decided before the game starts.

The winner of the game gets to win the cash prize that is arrived at by calculating the scores of all the losing players, multiplying this with the point value and deducting the rake that is applicable to the game.

The rules of Points rummy games:

  1. The game is made up of individual deals.
  2. The points have a point or rupee value.
  3. Every participant of the game will bring the equivalent of point value multiplied by 80.
  4. The first drop gets 10 points, a middle drop 30 points and the full count is limited to 80 points.
  5. There are two printed jokers and card joker for that game in all the deals.
  6. In order to win you need one pure run (without joker) and another run with or without jokers and the rest of the cards in sets or runs consisting of three or four cards each.
  7. The player who makes a valid show will get zero points and the others will score as per the unused cards in their hand.
  8. Leaving the game in the middle will incur the point value multiplied by the maximum score.
  9. The Auto Play function comes into play for as many as three rounds or you will incur the middle drop points. If in the course of this time, a participant makes a valid show, then you get 30 points.
  10. The participant who wins get the reward amount – this is the sum of all the scores of the losing participants multiplied by the value of points minus the rake amount.

What is No Joker Points Rummy?

This format of rummy is also the fastest version of the rummy game but it is played without the use of game jokers. Only printed jokers will be used in this game that lasts for single deals.

The rules of No Joker Points rummy games:

Most rules are similar as above, except the below ones

  1. There are only two printed jokers in this game
  2. Leaving the game in the middle will have you incurring the point value multiplied by the maximum score.