Player Protection System

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Protects Your Game
From Internet Disconnection

Have you ever lost a game due to internet disconnection while playing the game with a good score:

  1. A game that is running while other player has showed a winning hand
  2. You are about to declare a winning hand
  3. Another player made the show and you were about to declare the cards in hand

If any of the above scenarios arises, then you can start resting easy. That is because we have put the Player Protection System (PPS). This will take care of the problems given above and more than that…

How does PPS function?

The Player Protection System can meld your cards on your behalf and make sure that you get the lowest score even when you are not in a position to meld the cards due to the lack of a net connection.

Advantages of PPS:
  • The automatic system in place will swing into action when the net connection gets disconnected/weak
  • Will meld the cards that you have grouped as a matter of course
  • Make sure that your score is minimized
Here are some scenarios where PPS will start functioning:
  1. If your game is disconnected when you are playing and another player declares a show that is valid. In such instances, PPS will simply arrange the cards grouped in hand as they are arranged and declare them so that your negative score is minimized as long as you have not dropped from the rummy game.
  2. When you click to declare a winning hand and your internet connection goes off, PPS will send your melded cards for validation once the time for melding is over
  3. When another player makes a show even as your internet connection goes off, then PPS will arrange the cards in the way you had made them.
  4. When a game participant’s cards are arranged via PPS then you can identify this by viewing the “PPS” badge in the window for the results.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The role of PPS is to make sure that players who have been disconnected during the game get lesser points than the drop score.
  2. Only if you have grouped or melded the cards as per the rules of rummy will PPS be able to meld and send the cards to be declare. PPS cannot as such meld the cards on your behalf. To ensure that you get the maximum advantage of the PPS, do ensure that the cards are arranged properly. This will ensure that you can make the PPS work well for you.
  3. The management of the gaming site is not responsible for the mistakes or the variances that could occur in the points that you get when PPS melds the cards.
  4. It is not the responsibility of the management if the PPS does not work during a rummy online game.
  5. Management reserved the right to change or eliminate PPS without prior intimation

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