Password Policy

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The first rule about passwords is that you should never mention or share it with anyone. It would be ideal if each participant on this online rummy game, would have access to his or her own password. That is why you need a password that you have chosen with due thought for the protection of your gaming account. It is best to never let your password be seen in text that is not encrypted on any document or file. You will soon discover that any password kept carelessly is stolen very easily.

In case you are required to change your password, it would be best if you follow the password terms and guidelines that we have given here to make it complex and untraceable:

  • Ensure that your password has a minimum of 6 characters.
  • You need to include the following in the password. If you are not able to have all the four suggestions that we have given here, you should at least go for three of them:

    1. There should be capital letters in the password (English alphabets ranging from A to Z)
    2. Have small letters in the password (English alphabets ranging from a to z)
    3. Special characters like @,#,&,%,$ etc
    4. Numbers starting from zero to nine
  • Try not have spaces in the middle of your password.
  • Try not use your name or your login id or any of the combinations to do with your name. This means that you do not change the password from having capital letters to small letters or vice versa.
  • You need to ensure that your new password is different from the old one for a minimum of 3 or more characters.