How To Play Indian Rummy (13 Card Game Rules)

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What does rummy mean and how can one play it?

Rummy card game are a popular game that is much loved around the country. This game is classified under the draw first and discard category of game. The goal of this rummy card game is to ensure that the cards that are dealt are melded into runs and sets as per the rules of the Indian rummy game.

In India, rummy cards games are played with two or six participants, in which each and every player has to pick one card and discard one card when it is their turn to do so. The reason for doing this is to meld the cards in hand to form sequences. You will find as many as nine types of rummy games on this site.

Fundamentals of Rummy:
  • The Indian rummy game uses two decks of cards with two picture jokers
  • The cards of each of the four suites starts with Ace (both the one card and the 14th card), 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K
Is it legal to play rummy online?

As rummy is not a mere game of chance but requires a lot of skill, which is why the court has declared it legal to play the game for cash in most states of our country

How do you pick and discard your cards?

When it is your turn to play, you can choose to go with the top open card or from the top card in the closed pile and you can discard a card from the ones you have. In case you have already melded the cards into a winning hand, then you can close the card that you are going to discard and display the cards in sequences and sets as per the rules of rummy card game.

What happens if I feel that the cards that I got are not good enough to win the game?

In that case, you have the choice to drop from a game if you feel the game that you have are not good or for any other reason. But you will need to wait for your turn to be able to drop from the game and before you pick a card. In some pool rummy games, you can drop from the game in the midst of it. However, when you do that, the penalty is higher when you go for a first drop.

  • Note: In a rummy game of 101 Points:
    • First drop before you pick a card – 20 points
    • Middle drop after you pick a card – 40 points/li>

    In a rummy game of 201 Points:

    First drop before you pick a card – 25 points

    Middle drop after you pick a card – 50 points

What role does a joker play in rummy card games?

A card from the pack is picked out to be the joker in a game once the cards are distributed to all the participants. These cards from all the other suites are also the jokers for that particular game. The joker card is a wild card, which along with the two printed jokers can be used to fill in for other cards that are missing from a sequence once you have a natural sequence arranged.

The joker card also carries no points, which means that even when it is a card that carries high points you can still keep it on without fear of collecting too many points.

What happens when the printed joker is picked out as the game joker?

When this happens, Ace of all suites are used as jokers for that game

What is considered a winning hand and what does a show mean?

When you win a particular game, then this is called making a SHOW. You will need to arrange all the thirteen cards in sets and runs as per the rules of rummy games. The participant will look and verify the cards in hand and then call for a show, which means others have to show their cards too once the winning player’s hand, is validated. To get the validation of a win, the player will need to arrange all cards carefully into runs and sets and send them for validation.

  • Run one or the first run that is melded has to be of at least three cards of the same suite in sequence. This run cannot have a joker unless the joker in this case is used as itself to complete the sequence rather than as a joker.Rummy Card Games
  • Run 2 should also be a sequence but can be with or without a joker. Rummy Games
  • The other cards can be runs or sets either using a joker or without one. 13 Cards Rummy

Rules to make a show:

If you have melded a pure run and another run, then the third hand can be a set of three or four cards.

You can use the jokers you have to complete a set but only use two jokers as a set can have only four cards./p>

If you are left with a joker in hand, do not add it to a set but leave it aside as it carries no points, but do not add it to the set.

The example given here will make things clearer:

A natural run composed of 10, J, Q, K of hearts

The second sequence of A, 2, 3, 4 of spades

The cards in hand could be a 9 of spades and a 9 of diamonds along with two picture jokers and one game joker.

In this situation, you can meld the cards by arranging the 9 of spades and 9 of diamonds along with the two jokers, the pure run of composed of 10, J, Q, K of hearts, a second run of A, 2, 3, 4 of spades and place the joker card aside and declare the show. This is also an acceptable show to make.

The rule is never to make a set with more than 4 cards

  • What does the "Rejoin" option mean?

    A participant has the option to join the game again once he or she has been removed from the game on reaching the maximum score in the game..

  • When can a participant join the game table again?

    A participant can buy in an option to join the game a second time as long as the highest score on the table is lesser than 174 points for the 201 pool rummy game and 79 points for a 101 pool rummy game.

  • Rules for auto play:
  • Do you feel dismayed about being disconnected from the game right in the middle? You do not have to any more; you can play even while you are disconnected from the game.
  • We are aware that being disconnected from a game in the middle of it, especially if you are in the verge of winning a game can be very annoying.
  • Asli Rummy has the “Auto Play” facility that will keep the game going even when your net connection happens to be disconnected
  • The minute you go offline during the game, the Auto Play facility will become active for the rest of the game. Your game will go on even you are not there to play it online.
  • The Auto Play facility will continue the game by picking a card and discarding the same to hold your place in the game.
  • If another participant places a valid show when you are offline, then you get the full count of 80 points but if you are still not connected when the next game starts then you will be dropped for that game, helping you keep your points down.
  • The Auto Play function starts working only when you have at least made one move before being getting disconnected.

    * The penalty incurred for making an invalid show cannot go above a score of 80 point

    * We do not allow a player to have more than one account and only a single account per house is allowed.