Deals Rummy

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What does deals rummy mean?

The deals rummy games consists of players and deals being of limited numbers.

  1. BO2 Deals Rummy game

Reward amount = The entry fee multiplied by the number of players in the game minus the rake amount.

BO2 Deals Rummy:

The rules of BO2 Deals Rummy game
  1. This format of game has two deals and two players
  2. Both the participants in the game have a score of 160 each ( 2 multiplied by 80)
  3. The player with the higher score at the end of two deals is the winner
  4. The participants of this game need to complete both the deals
  5. The option to drop is not available in this game
  6. The full count in this game comes to 80 points
  7. There are two printed jokers as well as game joker in this game
  8. A participant with a valid show is allotted the score of the losing participant’s unused cards. The same score will be deducted from the losing participant’s scores.
  9. To make a valid show, you will need to have a pure run without jokers, another run with or without joker and the remaining cards melded in sets and runs as per the rules of rummy.

How are the points counted for BO2 Deals Rummy?

Once a show has been validated, the points will be counted in the following manner:

  1. The participant who has lost the game will get points as per the deadwood cards in hand
  2. The cards carry points as per the number on them and all the cards that have faces ( Like Ace, King, Queen, Jack) carry ten points each.
  3. Joker cards carry zero points
  4. When the game ends, the cards are calculated by counting the cards that have not been arranged in valid runs and sequences. The exceptions to this being:

    1. When the participant who has lost has no pure runs at all in that case all the cards carry points
    2. If the player who has lost, has one pure run, then the points for the remaining cards are counted
  5. The score of the losing participant are computed and added to the participant who has won and deducted from his or her account.
  6. The winner will be the player who gets the maximum score at the end of the game.