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Aslirummy is an online portal offering online rummy games. We are owned by Openplay Technologies Pvt Ltd and we come this realm with huge experience is managing and hosting games with multiple players. The management at Aslirummy is fully immersed in running rummy games with a fair and firm hand while recognizing rummy games as a game requiring skills.

The team here on this site has a lot of experience and background the games realm as well as a flair for technology and business development. It is a matter of pride for us that we should offer a rummy games online experience that is seamless and fun for the participants on this site.

You will find that if you have the requisite skills to play online rummy strategically, then we provide you with the opportunity to win real cash in the form of winnings from Indian rummy games.

We strive to keep the site going with high levels of integrity with a special emphasis on safety and privacy. We keep an eye on the players and tables to ensure that the game is conducted fairly with no scope for fraud.

The only requirements to play rummy online on this site is your skills and a good internet connection. Do keep playing to sharpen your skills for playing rummy card games.